The name Servel was born in 1923 thanks to a company by the name of National Electric Products Company.
Their slogan was “Serving Electric”, which was soon shortened to Servel. In 1924 a 10-year contract was signed by Hercules to manufacture an “ice-making machine.”
The Servel Corporation was incorporated in Indiana as a sales agency for the “ice-making machine.” In 1925 Hercules was sold and the name changed to Servel Manufacturing. The new “refrigerator” made its debut at the American Gas Association convention in Atlantic City in October 1926. Up until1927, the refrigerators were manufactured in Newburgh, NY and the cabinets in Evansville, IN. The units were now called “Electrolux” units under Electrolux Servel.
In January 1928 Electrolux Servel began new operations under the name of Servel, Inc. In 1931 a factory modernization was introduced and in 1933 the company began the transformation from refrigerators to researching and producing an chiller unit, which resulted in expanded market opportunities.

Servel pioneered the perfection of an “All Year” residential gas air conditioning unit, which was shown at the New York Worlds Fair in 1939. In 1941, the 2,000,000th Servel refrigerator was produced.
Due to the war in 1942, the company embarked upon the production of what was to be the largest war product – wings for the P-47 “Thunderbolt.” At the end of the war, Servel began converting its facilities back to the manufacturing of its four products: Servel gas and kerosene refrigerators, the Servel Gas water heater, the Servel “All Year” air conditioner and the Servel electric commercial refrigerator.
Full production of water heaters and air conditioners began in early 1946. In the mid 1960’s production was introduced for air-cooled ammonia/water gas fired chiller units that could be utilized for comfort air conditioning or process cooling applications. This unique chiller design was manufactured and marketed throughout the United States and abroad for over thirty years.

In May 1991, Robur Group, an Italian Company founded in 1956, acquired the gas air conditioning division. Robur Corporation was born in the United States with the purchase of the Servel product line and manufacturing facility. With this step, Robur Group acquired the mature technology of gas-fired absorption cooling, a project on which it had been working autonomously for over two years. This bold step gave Robur further growth areas, and also assured the future distribution of its European products in the North American market. In 1999, Robur Corporation introduced Servel Chillers utilizing GAX absorption technology. This improved absorption cycle represents a 30% increase over the previous design of gas absorption units. Today, Robur continues their to carry on their history of providing their customers with state-of-the-art cooling and heating solutions.

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