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Reginella d'Abruzzo Dairy

Sulmona – Aquila – Italy

Need: Special applications
Cooling Capacity: 30 ton

Dairy Industry

The cooling equipment at this facility is used to keep milk at a constant temperature during post-pasteurization.
This process involves the continuous cooling or production of chilled water down to 17.6 °F.
When the aging electric cooling system at this operation was near its useful life the facility’s management team was interested in more than a conventional electric replacement unit.
Their goals were as follows:
The management’s search led them to Robur’s gas absorption cooling technology. Eight Robur units could provide an operational savings approximately 40% lower than the electric units and an electric consumption lowered by 88% using natural gas as their primary energy source.
Given the above savings, a new cooling system with eight Robur gas-fired chillers, model ACF60-00 LB, were installed. These units produce chilled water down to 17.6 °F.
This chilled water is pumped and stored inside a 3,200 gallon water tank and then transferred to a plate heat exchanger where milk is cooled down to 39.2 °F.
Management at the facility attained several of their goals by utilizing Robur units:


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