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If you or individuals in your company are interested in attending a Technical Training course covering the latest Robur Gas Fired Heating, Cooling, and Heat Pump products please contact our

Technical Support Department at (812) 424-1800 or at sward@robur.com

to discuss upcoming and custom training classes. We would be happy to discuss what scheduled training classes may be right for your company or the possibility of a specific training course for your group.

The regular Robur Technical Training classes cover Installation, Operation, Maintenance, Trouble Shooting, and Control aspects for the Robur product line. The focus of these courses cover the non sealed system aspects of our general product line in detail but can be customized for your particular needs considering a given project or requirement.

The Robur Corporation is committed to providing our customers and partners the best possible knowledge base to help assure quality installations as well as reliable operation and support from servicing companies.

Next classes

Fall 2019 | October 15th – 17th: Announcement - Registration form
Spring 2019 | March 26th – 28th and April 09th – 11th: Announcement - Registration form
Fall 2018 | October 09th – 11th and 23rd – 25th: Announcement - Registration form
Spring 2018 | March 20th – 22nd and April 10th – 12th: Announcement - Registration form


Robur Corporation Online Training

Robur Corporation provides online training options for companies and individuals that may not be able to attend our standard or regional training classes or only require specific review of certain equipment aspects.

These online courses will be conducted in specific segments of 1 to 4 hours, depending on training material to be covered, and can include specific material that is agreed upon with the attendee’s before course time. These segments are customizable to meet the needs of the attendee’s or can be designed around standard segements such as; basics of the refrigerant (sealed system) cycle of operation, installation, equipment types, equipment components & function, overall unit operation, unit control board operation & configuration, DDC operation & configuration, and more.

These courses are customizable and dedicated to specific individuals and will be scheduled in advance with a company representative or attendee. These courses are held via “GoToMeeting” which is the program of choice for these courses and is a simple option which does not require special software downloads. Once the training package and segments have been decided with a schedule in place, Robur will provide a invitation and link that will need to be selected to attend the training at the scheduled time. Selecting the link will automatically enter the attendee into the training. Attendees will require either a computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone to attend the training and as long as they have speakers and a microphone will all be able to interact with the instructor and the Robur instructor will be able to answer any questions the attendees have. If a microphone or speakers are not available to the attendee’s they can call into a phone number where they can participate in the same manner.

Online training does not qualify attendee’s for Robur training certification.

Online training is billed at $200.00 for the 1st session (up to 4 hours and for up to 5 attendee's) and $100.00 for each subsequent session up to 4 hrs (billed at $25/hr in hourly increments). If hard copy materials are requested, such as service binders and other material, there is a charge of $50.00 per packet. Pricing will be determined and agreed in advance of training.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your Robur online training please contact Scott Ward at 812-424-1800 or email at sward@robur.com.
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